woensdag 16 mei 2012

TSA Blood Bowl league 2012 table

The LC has released a current updated league table, with the first 6 teams all having between 5 and 7 matches (enough for qualification to the play offs) and seperated by only 4 points between number 1 (currently `my nemesis`) and number 6 (being myself)

The League table as it stands today: 12/05

Teams in italics are at their needed 5 games to be eligeble for qualifying to the play offs, team in bold is my team teehee

Mummy Road Show (returns)(Undead)[7] - 13 points
The Green Bay Hooligans (Humans) [5] - 12 points
The Bloodweiser Bunnies (Amazon) [6] - 12 points
The Violent Kneecappers(Orcs) [6] - 12 points

The Bad Bay Hackers (Human) [5] - 10 points
Vongalazthag Violators(Dawi Zharr) [5] - 9 points

Feet of Flames(Halflings) [6] - 4 points
Oinky`s Nutkickaz(Goblins) [4] - 0 points
Green Powah (Orcs) [2] - 0 points
Sylvania Sunbathers (Vampire Counts) [2] - 0 points
Da Mad Hakkaz (Orcs) [2] - 0 points

H.A.T.E (Dark Elves) [0] - 0 points
The Green and Red Lightnings (Dwarf) [0] - 0 points
Queen Helga's Double D Dwarfettes (Dwarf) [0] - 0 points

My money for qualifying is on the Amazon, the Orc and both Human teams, with my nemesis and myself `falling over the cliff` to use a Formula One reference.

I fear the other teams are basically out of their chances if they aren`t going to start playing very soonish, so that maybe a suprise can still rise up towards the top spots, but if they aren`t, I guess it`s going to go between the first 6 for the spots in the finales.

The ruling has also been issued that in case of tied points, the following `sequence` is going to determine position in the League:

1. Fewest games played
2. Score difference of TD`s made vs against.  I`m currently at an `impressive` +1.  So I better don`t tie as making goals ain`t the Violators forte
3. Play-in Play-off between both tied teams.  In other words, they`ll play each other for the qualification.

Head coach Dwarf Vha`Dur is just glad the Violators are still in the race though, even with odds firmly stacked against them.

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  1. Aye, but my inability to even throw a quick pass, and the overall lack of speed compared to the Amazons and Humans ain`t making up for the tin can factor, so I`m not to high hoped of making the play offs.

    Still aiming though to send one or two teams down the road of those vampires, totally Violated ;)