zondag 6 mei 2012

VF - Lead Painter's League round 9

Segoi!  A second win this year, it makes the record at least look a little bit more polished.  In a `Battle of the Belgians` my entry, VF fighters from the Macross setting, took the upper hand against Gnomehome`s Mordheim band, as seen here.

This week will be probably nothing again, but as I will have all the bonus point that could be gained this year, combined with two wins and probably 4 times the maximum vote points of 20, this should prove to be enough to safeguard me from the dreaded last place.

And the entry also should be enough to be accredited the shortest entry name ever in the histroy of the LPL, not my fault, I didn`t design them nor named them...

Conclusion of this years LPL: stick with your forte, do anime models for the next year hehehe

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