donderdag 17 mei 2012

The Legacy of Hashut

For those that have been following my blog over the past years, might remember how I dedicated part 4 of the `I am an Anvil` series to Aleeha Travis, a lady in the States known as Hashut`s Chosen and Chaos Dwarf afficionado like me.

However, in recent years she has traded hobbies from Warhammer to dogsled racing, and then the ball started rolling around december 2011... and past monday, I came in possession of this:

Okay cool, a portable generator I hear you say... Well, not quite, let`s have a look what is in that big box now, won`t we

Yep, smaller boxes and bubble plastics!!!!

But what is actually in all that, well, THIS:

It`s her full army, numbering 331 models including some nifty cool conversions.  Surely, storage and travel had taken it`s toll, but is there is one thing I`m rather good at, it`s restoring armies to tabletop standards.  I`m still doing it with my own force, now adding in these blokes, the infamous `Lord Aldades will ride again at the head of a horde numbering around 30.000 points.  Yes, that is 30k of the hard to find, mostly GW metal, 20 year old Chaos Dwarfs.  In Ya Face GW ;-) someone still is giving them lots of love.

So lets get over to sort this bunch and see what we got here...

The pile in front are mostly hobgoblin warriors and wolfless Riders, I`m scouring evil bay atm for some not GW per se mounts, and sprues of the plastic warriors.  Guess I`ll be over a 100 of these guys alone at the moment.

A very cool conversion is this huge Bull Centaur lord based on a Minotaur.  With the discussion still around on how exactly they are supposed to be based, this bloke is going on a 5 by 5.  Don`t care if more models can hit him, we are Chaos Dwarf, we kill everything in base contact!
I don`t know who made the warrior models next to him, but I like their look *a Lot* and will be one of the first regiments to be restorated after the Hobgoblin force is done.

A better view of the Bull centaur lord conversion

A Great taurus / Minotaur conversion, this guy will make a nice alternate `loose` taurus to have flying around in the ranks.  Like a kind of unit champion for the arial brigade I have here (7 Taurus, 5 Lammassu, not all carrying  characters)

This female standard conversion is going to become my Battle Standard after receiving the haul over.  She will carry the name Hashut`s Chosen in honor of the creator.

This simple conversion on the plastic warriors to a more oriental style is going to become one of the units of Infernals in the force.  Simple but oh so cool work... me likeys

Those warriors I told about a few pictures up.  I`m gonna toss in a Hero character with them, and that`ll be a 15 strong unit to protect my war machine train (all FW, 12!!! Earthshakers, 15 Death rockets, 9 Bolt Throwers, and the older war machines, but those will be shown in the future as a quit different thing... you wait and see now)

People who know me know I love Blunderbusses.  Imagine my exileration with this 51 fresh recruits, bringing my total of the venerated hand gunners now to 137 pieces.

So that is in short, the Legacy i received.  Now, how much did that cost I hear you ask?  Well, first promise me you sit down and inhale deeply...

... it costed me 90 dollars in shipping and 125 euros in customs clearance.  That is it.  It was a freebie. 

So Albert, I know your reading this (and probably crying now), but tgive me about a two years and our mass battle will be a reality.  Painting overdrive powering up now ;)

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  1. See, that`s what you get for laughing all those years with me and internet forum relations. Dating allllllll the way back from the MSN Groups era (yush, that`ll be like what, 10 years since those have been closed down?)