zondag 13 mei 2012

Not Fair - Lead Painter's League FINALE

And so the LPL ends this year as he started, with a defeat but luckily unlike the first half, with a decent amount of vote points this time.

Thanks to Prof Witchheimer and Ray Rivers, this was yet another year of gorgeous eye-candy, and to the 46 brave heroes that had at least the courage to enter this very demanding on timescheme competition.

So what about the objectives?

When I saw the partipants list, I knew the 50% would be impossible, but I`m still glad in the end that I managed to at least gather 2 wins and slipped out of a draw by 1 vote.  Not to bad...

I did manage though my objective of once more gaining all possible bonus points, only the first year I participated I(on purpose) missed out on 10 points cause I wanted to see how my League of Extraordinary Gentlemen did, so this is something I`m going to keep on trying in the next years I enter.

Secondly, I managed the shortest entry name ever in the League so far, with `VF`, I believe the previous record was 4 letters three editions ago. As an added personal bonus, that entry even made the leaderboard header, personal proudness welled up ;)

So here is the final leaderboard, I still ended up a decent 36th place, mainly though thanks to the bonus points but these are a part of the whole league concept as well.

So what do we take away for my next year from this league?  Well, I know i`m not the world`s best painter and an even crappier picture takes, so for the next edition I`m going to change the focus a bit, from instead of painting stuff from all over the place, borrow the system of Blue in VT and Silent Invader, to enter units of an army in building in the non-bonus rounds.  So basically, next year will be distributed along the obligatory anime entry, the obligatory heroclix entry and 5 rounds of Chaos Dwarfs of various series and scales.

And make some decent scenery to display models on...

So that`s the year passed by, now to get rid off the models I ain`t planning on building armies with (anymore) and back to the next challenge, painting about 100 hobgoblins in 1.5 months time...

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