zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Ayame Scout Suits - Brush Slave League round 3

I can be very short of this one.  I lost.  And I`m glad I did!  Because my opponents entry was pure brilliance, as it consisted of a unit of Halfing chicken cavalry, just superb looking models that made me snigger.

My entry where some Khanate suits by Critical mass that have been lying around here since Salute 2010, doubt the force will ever see any completion bar the unit I painted now for the BSL, oh well, next ones to go on the clear out stack then.  When the LPL ends this week, i`m going to gather together all the units painted for these things and toss them on ebay or such, I`ll keep you posted.

Still, currenlty still running 7th out of 21 over at the BSL, next entries are underway including the bonus round 5 of Command and Conquer, just need to do some touches left and right and they`ll be ready to be pictured and submitted.

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