woensdag 30 mei 2012

The House of Cards

The House of Cards

Buying to trade away...

Okay, let`s face it, I`m a collector.  And one that likes to collect strange and obscure things just for the fun of collecting those things...

I also have an unhealthy affinity for all things anime and in particular Saint Seiya and Gundam stuffsies, and with the Library of Blue nearing completion, I decided to start collecting some other CCG... but the big question was which one?

I had to love the design, I had to love the setting, and it needed to be a sport to try and get them completed, in order to have that `yesss!` feeling when the goal is achieved.

At first, I thought about completing the Decipher Star Trek game, but there is no sport in that as you can buy whole complete sets rather cheaply on sites like eBay and the likes... then I was looking in my binder of the english version of Saint Seiya, Knights of the Zodiac, which I have every card from... and then decided to collect the complete JAPANESE edition of the game, as it has a LOT more cards then the one set and two starters that made the translation.

What`s more, I`m planning, again mostly for the sport and the thrill of the hunt, to do it by trading missing cards for cards of the more popular CCG`s around at the moment, and am going to buy up bulk collections.

So here is what I offer:

Commons: 0.01 eurocent / card
Uncommons: 0.05 eurocent / card
Rares: 0.10 eurocent / card

Foils, shineys, holos and whatevers we`ll just see about

I`m not buying storestocks or such, but am offering to `liberate` fellow gamers of mostly those tons of commons lying around and all those `crap rares` that you just can`t seem to get rid off.

The catch is namely this... I have a few `resources` (sorry, not sharing, this is a post about me and filling my collections) that are intrested in all sorts of cards, at the above rates, and offer a sort of `store credit` instead of normal payment.  That store credit I can use to get Saint Seiya cards, but also the japanese Gundam ccg cards, from them.  However, they work with a sort of `demand` system, so it`s not like I just can ship off kilo's of cards in one go, it`s all about quota needed and first to fill, first to win... in other words, I`m having a sport with that for the past weeks...  All the rest I`ll have to see if I can get them traded off through more regular channels.

Which was also why you didn`t see much life on the blog at the moment, as I have been sorting all my excess magic cards for 2 weeks going now.  And not nearly near the end...

BUT, on to the actual trading part, these are the card games I`m willing to take of your hands, at the above rates.  You don`t have to sort everything out and such, I`ll do that myself, I have `employees` to do that for me teehheehee.  Okay, it`s actually my girlfriend and my 11 year old nephew... but heck, they don`t know just yet they have been recruited ;)

1. Magic: the Gathering
2. Yu-Gi-Oh
3. World of Warcraft
4. Pokemon (okay, part of those will be to complete my own collection as well, but I ain`t shouting of roofs that I have nearly 65% of all english edition pokemon cards in my binders)

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  1. My god your mean with those prices but good business, I put you on my map Pikachu!

  2. I`m a little meanie anyways ;)

    Dunno though, considering the crappy rares usually IF you can get rid of them go around 12 - 14 ec, and commons about 2ec, it ain`t the big money maker scheme in the end, especcially counting the hours of labour that it`ll take to sort through shoeboxes of old cards (5000+ WoW ones comming in tomorrow from a collegue) and that only on average one third can get used for the store credits.

    I`m essentially stocking up till the old paper prices skyrockte teeheeheee... or the next Magic world champ deck consists of crabs and dandan`s...