dinsdag 1 mei 2012

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review #36: v3 Bronze Saints

So I did Shiryu already a few months ago, and now thanks to eBay I got the 4 other Saints of Hope as well in their `version 3` cloths, those being the versions they wore during the Hades story arc.

Now, these models are WAY better then their older v2 cloths in design, something not abnormal considering the years between them that Bandai produced the models, and they come with some nice little gimmick touches, so here they are, all 5 lead players in their cloths:

First to take a look at is the legendary Seiya (ask Kouga ;) ), the main character and even though he possesses about the coolest attack of the whole series with the Ryu Seiken, he isn`t really a fan favorite, being pushed to many times and to clearly being the alpha of the pack.

His cloth comes with the golden Sagitarius headpiece and the Athena cloth, the first for those wishing to don him Aiolios cross.  Now, for all models I must say the colouring is correct, the faces are well represented, and there isn`t anything bad to notice on these models, but if I consider all 5 of them, i would rate both Seiya and Ikki with a 5 out of 5 stars, Shiryu and Hyoga with a 4 and Shun with 3.5 out of 5. 

It isn`t because there is something wrong with Shun or so, but he just doesn`t `feel` the real deal like the other 4, though I can`t put my finger on it what it is exactly.  Call it a tingle in my Cosmo ;)

Ikki is the original Bad-Ass.  Forget Hades, screw Saga and don`t bother about Poseidon, this was THE villain we all came to love before he joined his childhood friends.  Think of him as the Nicol Bolas of Magic the Gathering lore.

He comes with the Pandora necklace, as his cloth wasn`t restored with Athena`s blood (not like that cloth needs it anyways, it just rebirths out of it`s own ashes over and over again, like a true Phoenix) and as such he couldn`t pass to Elysium on his own accord.

Hyoga comes with the Aquarius headpiece, so you can exchange the Camus head for his, and has the option to use the bandaged eye from his injury with Kraken Isaac.

Shun finally doesn`t have any gimmicks per se, but as with his other cloths comes with a few meters of Nebula Chain in both metal and plastic to represent each possible form of attack the potentially strongest Saint of the 5 can muster.

I went like with the other versions I have of him with the ones attached to the gauntlets, not for any special reason apart that the metal ones naturally do look better then the plastic ones that come with the cloth for the Rolling Defense and the likes.

So that 4 times 35 euros very well spend, it was a bargain and with shipping within Belgium dead cheap.  Comming sunday I`ll be at a anime and comic convetion, so I expect to be able and snatch a heap of cloths there as well, definitly going to look for some of the more expensive online ones, namely Sho of Toucan, Bud of Alcor and Hades, and then probably one or two of the goldies to round it out.

Ciao ciao

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  1. Have a good convention Tomsche, I like the figures but I followed a blog that used to show these sort of figures but they were female and less clothed!

  2. Ahhh, the large female models... got a heap of them scattered around under the anime label, these blokes are from one specific series.

    Probably have a load of those as well next week ;)

  3. What's that anime convention that is taking place next sunday?

  4. The one in the Antwerp Expo, FACTS like thing but a bit smaller


    It was on the TSA forum ;)

  5. Must have missed that. I may drop by if I can find some time.