dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

Hades, Lord of the Underworld

Forget hate consumed Ikki, schyzophrenic Saga, misguided Hilda or vengeant Poseidon, this guy is the real main protagonist of the whole Saint Seiya franchise.

The bad mo-fo that through an unforseen battle in the Sanctuary resulted in the loss of half the Gold saints, meaning the bronze protagonists had to go and defeat an to early awakened Poseidon in order to allow the Gold saints to prepare further for the battle to come...

The Holy war, which repeats on average every 250 years, and which until then has mostly ended in a bare victory for Athena, resulting in the Hades possessed body to be defeated and his essence to be sealed away again for two and a half centuries.

That was, until our heroes broke into Elysium in an effort to defeat the true body of Hades, once and for all ending the cycle.

The Hades chapter, especcially in my eyes the first of the three parts is together with the battle for the 12 palaces about the most intense Saint Seiya anime around, as we learn of the reasons and motivations of the fallen Gold saints that have been ressurected as Spectres, and that even the two truly evil ones amongst them, Deathmask of Cancer and Aphrodite of Pisces, where loyal to Athena until the very end.

We also learn the fate of Kanon, the Marina general of Sea Dragon and twin of Saga, as well as what happened to Julian Solo and Sorent of Siren.

But the end battle of the series is great, and left such an impact that no less then two series now currently run in manga about the previous Holy War, of which the Lost Canvas (whoes canon isn`t certain so far) has already partly been adapted to OVA.

The model itself is as the Lord of the Underworld himself, regal, superb, and definitly one of the best models in the whole Myth Cloth range.  It is complex to assemble, but as the object mode has it`s own unique stand, this one can be used on the model as well, and is quit welcome due to the weight of the `wing array` on the back.

And it comes with a great gimmick, a screaming Seiya face and Pegasus God Cloth chestpiece with the slice in it to insert Hades`s sword, as he impales the famous Saint right before the end.

With Omega we learned already that Seiya apparently recovered and went on to become the next Sagitarrius saint, but the who and why will have to wait for the viewers `till all mangas have been OVA`d... which is planned to actually happen and not with the 15+ years lul between the Poseidon chapter and finally the adaptation for the Hades chapter!

And yes, I have and use a Hades playmat when playing sanctioned Magic events lol

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