vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Shura of Capricorn

Ironically, the Saint to be said to be the most loyal to Athena was also the Saint that slayed Aiolios, who tried to escape the false Pope with the infant Athena.

Misguided by Saga`s schemes, Shura hunted down and defeated the former Sagitarrius Saint with his fast and deadly weapon: Excalibur, a very powerful slicing attack housed in his right arm.  Only when he was launching towards the stars with Shiryu of Dragon, did he realise the Bronze Saints where indeed fighting for the real incarnation of the godess and as a way of remorse loaned his cloth to the Dragon Saint to help him re-enter the atmosphere before burning up himself.

His spirit later revealed that he had also granted Excalibur to Shiryu, helping him defeat Krishna of Chrysaor in the Poseidon arc, before he came back as one of the three resurrected Spectres that attacked and apparantly killed Shaka by means of the Athena Exclamation attack to give the mightiest of the Gold Saints a way to enter Underworld with Saori.

He is also one of the already 4 revealed new generation Gold Saints in Omega, where the cloth is worn by the principal of Paleastra, Ionia, who is serving Mars knowingly.  The first of the new cloth bearers revealed (okay, bar of course Sagitarrius Seiya) before Leo and Libra (not Shiryu!).

In the Lost Canvas OVA`s, the cloth was worn by El Cid who defeated no less then 3 demi-gods in their own spirit realms.

The model, like all the Gold Saint models is clearly showing it`s age compared to a lot of the more recent releases, but never the less is still one of the better ones in the range.

Not to difficult to assemble, his face is rather correct and he comes with the fully closed helmet as seen in the anime, as well as the open-topped mask of the anime.

I found this one on ebay for only 25 euros and shipping, and must say I found that quit a bargain and he is worth a spot in a collection as one of the better executed models.

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