zondag 26 augustus 2012

WarmaHordes Journeyman League

Okay, so come september we're apparently starting a Journeyman League on TSA for the War Machine / Hordes game system of Privateer Press.

I dabbled with those rules a little pre 'mark II' and after nigs and nags of my buddies decided to step in, with the Orboros faction I have lying around.

First problem: it has to be started with a basic faction box, and guess what I never bought... I have all the beasties though; but I didn't like the Kaya model (love her as a warlock though) as I got the epic version model, so I ordered the basic version alternate edition, she looks way better in that version...

Epic Kaya is also the only model I painted up so far...

Second problem: probably time issues and selling it to the missus, not to mention the entries for Brush Slave and my Mordheim band that have to get finished asap now.  This are going to be loooong paint nights the comming weeks...

The 'good' news, I'm getting motivated again after the summer recess :-D

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Look forward to seeing these making an appearance

  2. Well, I just finished the epic caster`s pet wolf, so i`ll be varnishing and basing it the comming week.

    After that, it`s like full speed to do the 4 required models for the start of the League thing, luckily I have a week off half of september