vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

Upcoming events in Belgium

Heya all, 

for all those intrested, here are some upcoming events in the little nation called Belgium

First of all, end of august is the Outpost Open Series, this time in Ghent.  Format stays the same as ever, with this time a Super FNM on friday, a Standard tournament on saturday and a Legacy tournament on sunday.

Lots of Planeswalker Points can be gained on these series, but I won`t be attending it myself as the only format I still play, the `limited` format (aka draft and sealed) is on the friday and I won`t be able to get there in time from Antwerp after work, let alone get back home at night...

I really should make work of re-obtaining a driver`s license and buy me perhaps this sort of car...

A few weeks afterwards though there is something I *might* attend, with Hoshi Con (the website on the flyer has full roadmappings and locations).

First time they try the set-up in belgium, if I`m able I might be taking a peek there.  And score me a Myth Cloth... or plural...

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