zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

The Saints of Mordheim

And so it comes to pass that for the first time since half of june I managed to get to the club for a game...

The game planned was Mordheim, and with 4 players we decided to do a multiplayer, with the scenario being Occupy, albeit with a few minor modifications to cope with the additional participants.  I took along a Cathayan `Battle Monk` gang, as this gave me the opportunity to play a game with my Saint Seiya figures, and because the band I`m going to enter the campaign with, the Black Dwarfs (google `Border Town Burning` for the unofficial but great supplement) are far from being ready and painted yet.

Here are the pictures of the game, I haven`t taken notes as I had to seriously pay attention to have the rules `come back` to me, but in the end the clash ended with the Sisters of Sigmar taking the win before the Saints, the Dwarven Treasure Hunters and the Possessed.

I didn`t either bother for my own gang to do the whole experience part, as it was a one off, but I promise you to show off the games once the followers of Hashut take to the field, more about my planned warband and ideas in a few days!

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