zondag 26 augustus 2012

Kaya the Moonhunter and Laris

Okay, so I ment it when I said I needed to paint like hell, so today I finally finished painting Laris, almost a year after his mistress Kaya.

I really like the Circle models, and Kaya in particular, though a tat pitty that she is an animal caster opposed to all those cool construct models in the warlist.  I also didn`t like basic Kaya, so I bought her epic version.

Now it seems for the Journeyman League you need the basic version, so now I ordered her alternate form model, which looks better in my opinion battle box version.

But here some more pictures of the finished lass and her puppy dog:

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  1. They both look superb especially armour on Laris it contrasts nicely with the white