maandag 13 augustus 2012

Tourist Tips for Geeks: the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp

As a member for 15 odd years, one could say I`m starting to become an old schooler in the club as members come and go, so what is more fitting then pointing you to the direction of our clubhouse when visiting Antwerp?

Located outside the centre of the city, on the border of Ekeren / Hoevenen, it`s about a 5 minutes drive by car over the highways, and there is public transportation `till right in front of the door... but busses in Belgium aren`t the most punctual things around mind you.  They tend to get caught up in one of the many roadworks and traffic jams that make our roadnet errm unique...

The club has moved into this building about 10 years ago if my swiss cheese brain serves me right.  I should now, I was there, but I can barely remember what I ate last night so again, it could be longer, it could be shorter.

Now, she ain`t much of a looker on the outside, but true beauty as the saying goes, is on the inside:

Bar a mutlitude of permanent gaming tables, as it is our own building we don`t have to break up each time (well, except when there is some other event like the club BBQ or the annual ACW weekend and need the tables as such), we also have a fully licensed bar hoisting all kinds of soft drinks and beers.  No strong spirits mind you, it`s still a gaming club, not a men`s only private parley.

Okay, unfortunatly we don`t have young and gorgeous waitresses, but we DO have bartenders of the Garden Gnome variety!

The building also houses some corners for `other projects`, like this WiP game.  i`m not telling you what it is, where it is for, and whom is building it... you`ll have to see for yourself on revelation day!  But knowing the guy`s work on previous demo tables of the club, expect another stunner in the makings!

The club also has a painting corner, lamps are provided so if you just want to escape the missus or need a bit of painting space, this is also catered for.

For more information, road maps and contact persons, visit our official website here and feel free to drop buy, we don`t charge admission fees for those wanting to have a looker before being reeled in with a membership card ;-)

Or perhaps we`ll bump in each other at our annual event in November, Crisis, this year in a bigger, spacier, AIRIER venue and only a mile away from the Metropolis Business Centre we used the last couple of editions!

Ciao ciao!

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