donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Marin of Eagle

Mistress to Seiya (in a trainer way) and long hinted in the anime to be his missing, older sister Seika, Marin is one of the main female saints of the franchise.

Wearing the silver cloth of Eagle, she is often engaged at first in rivalries with Shaina, but as the story progresses the lead female role tends to shift towards the latter from the Poseidon arc onwards.

It s revealed at the end of the Hades saga that she isn`t Seika at all, but her `baby brother` isn`t becomming known before the (very bad) Heaven Ouverture OVA, as he tends to be one of Artemis`s Angels.

The cloth, the latest to be released by Bandai / Tamashii, is one gorgeous piece of work, with options of two faces and two masks, and the anime and manga style headpieces.

Even though I went for the masked look, I can assure you her facial expressions are not only spot one, they are kust as with Shaina drop dead gorgeously done!

Get her, she looks sexy in your cabinet!

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