woensdag 22 augustus 2012

SD Gundam CCG Saga Expansion

The first of two expansions in the english version of SD Gundam (the Chibi style Gundam series) has been completed after pulling open about 40 boosters.

Got these at a bargain price on eBay (8 dollars for a batch of 24, so I got two stacks of them) from a seller called Krukcards, and this was enough to complete my series of this expansion.

I`m still waiting for my starter sets to arrive from Germany, but as we near the 3 weeks mark I`m starting to dread postal loss, ironically as Japanese, US and Hong Kong shipments never gave me any issues at all...

Anyways, the hunt stays open for the last 3 cards of the other expansion, and for a bloody checklist of the English Gundam War set...

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