vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

That didn`t go as planned...

Tonight I took the field at last in Mordheim with my Black Dwarfs warband I showed you earlier this week.  With 4 players turning up, I knew my novice band would be hardpressed with two high rating bands oppossing me, and a medium ranked band which was about my level.

This multiplayer would be a scenario in which heroes needed to go door to door to inquire information politely (like hell) or torture the residents (hell yeah) for information, the band with the most information points comming out on top of the game.

I was so heavily outclassed, I would receive an extra xp point each for actually just turning up, so the plan was to loose three henchmen and bottle out.

This is the village where the battle would take place:

The participating forces, ranked from low rating to high rating, where first of all my Dawi Zharr
A bunch of pirates led by a group of wild women of the seas:
A crusade of holy women:
and a very, very experienced force of misguided kinsmen

I started with some tortured information gathering, as did most bands who whomever choose mostly to use the more civilized method:

Turn two saw my Bull Centaur charge a lone pirate henchman, bend on an easy experience point with his 2 attacks, strong armour and strength and toughness 4... and then the title started to kick in as because after three turns of combat it finally ended with the Bull Centaur going out of action vs a lowly dagger...  160 gc of sheer uselessness and it would get worse, see at the end...

Even though one of my archers managed to shoot down a pirate henchmen, after both spearmen where knocked out of action I voluntarily bottled out, taking with me 5 information points (in the end, this actually managed to secure me second place though in gathered points...)

Next to bottle out where the pirates, after the Dwarfs beat them and the nuns up, and ended the game.

Things got worse when rolling for the injuries... both one of my spearmen AND the Bull Centaur didn`t survive the encounter.  I ended up with a lowly piece of wyrdstone I could sell for 35gc, and a rating that though even it had dropped from 83 to 82, my band is now only 7 strong anymore...  bad start for the Slavers, but as this are try outs, I`m sticking with them and I`ll see where I end up with lessons learned once the actual campaign begins.

And what did we gain skill and advancement wise?  RUBBISH, total and uber RUBBISH.  My Archer henchmen gained +1 Initiative and my Chaos Dwarf henchmen +1 Ld, and that was it.  The Bull Centaur would have rolled as well had he survived the encounter, but alas that was not to be...

Oh well, next time, next time...

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