zondag 25 november 2012

Boys and their toys EXTREME LEGO EDITION

At a 5 minute walk of my girlfriend's door, there was a Lego demonstration fair the past weekend, organised by the Belgian Lego User Group (BELUG) in a hall about the size of a gymnasium.

I thought it a great idea to haul along the girlfriend, and more importantly the little munchkin, to the fair (as an alibi hehe) to have a look.

The entrance fee was after all only a single euro, and knowing from clublife experience, every small fee counts to guarantee another year of hobby'ing, so off we went.

Even though the hall was small, and it was the afternoon of the second day, I easily counted around about 100 attendees, obviously a lot with children.  And it was AWESOME, even Munchkin was going all 'oooh' and 'cool' during the about two hour visit.  And I managed to snap away nearly 70 pictures to boot.

Here they are:

The Battle for Hoth, total ubercool for a scifi lover like me, the speeder went a tat to fast to picture adequatly though for my limited picture skills,  but there was also great eye for detail

More Star Wars on show, it IS one of the more amazing ranges Lego currently has:

Other 'main stream' lines include for example Pirates of the Carribean, with here the Flying Dutchman for one

A huge and pretty detailed Pilgrim Village, with nice twists like the owl in the tree

Other great build Lego items

Still need inspiration for the holiday decorations?

Now this is pretty cool, the spaceships back from my days, and thanks to the man at the stand, I also learned there is a website that contains scans for every building plan ever made, find it here. I still have two boxes full of my old Lego in the garage, so it should be more then possible for 'the next generation' consisting of my girlfriends son and my two pocket nephews to recreate some of it.

Another great feature I thought was a stand of two round displays, showing off all figurines during the history of Lego, brought back teary eyed memories as I saw 'my' Legos of my younger days, like the 1984+ era knights, the space explorers (like in the above pictures) and so much more...

Off course, there where also some trade stands, both with new sealed kits, as 'bag stands' for missing pieces.

Wet Dreams

These fellas I really want to build one day, especcially R2-D2 but he easily knocks away around 175 euros

So then, was their loot?  Of course, some small things for the munchkin that I bought without him knowing, being a set of Pirates of the Carribean Lego magnets, as well as a small Creator Series speedboat and some loose figurines from a 'bag stand'...

... only to be suprised by the girlfriend with a small gift she had bought for me without ME noticing (she told me to watch the munchkin so she could sneakily go watch for a Harry Potter kit for the little one... how dare she, to use my tricks against me.  Oh well, how goes the saying about dogs, fleas and sleeping again).

It sure has rekindled the love for the smaller bricks a bit more, and I'm quite certain I can somehow excuse it if I'll be getting some for me ;-)


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  1. Some cool setups there. Love the Hoth one with the Speeder especially

  2. Just about the coolest thing I've seen all day!