dinsdag 20 november 2012

The Dead of an Elf

It was somehow to be expected if you watched our clubforums, but the planned Duo Tournament for this saturday is about to be cancelled, as we dropped under the minimum needed of attendees.

It wasn't a total suprise, as TSA is more and more loosing it's Fantasy players.  Not by their fault, but well, they tend to grow up and seek other pastures to spend their time on, and when / if they come back, they usually do so in the more historical side of the hobby.

Perfectly normal wargamer behavior if one read around the internet.

But this is the sad truth... Fantasy at TSA might not be dead, it is at least terminally ill.  If a club of around 100 members can't gather more then 10 Warhammer players, you got an issue on hand.  It still IS the largest hobby chain around, and many people have armies... but they don't tend to dust them off anymore.

It goes for other fantasy and sci-fi games as well, the latest playnight for the WarmaHordes (yes, i'm guilty as charged, I ain't arsing about that anymore either) had a staggering... 2 battles divided over 3 players.
From the 2 dozen that had signed on...

So this has been the wrap for me.  For over a decenium and a half I saw it dwindle from an inclub championship with 30+ players, to a War of the Beard with 74 entrants... to not being able to find 10 people anymore for a saturday of gaming.

It made the decision easier that has been rolling around in my head lately.  I'm joining the 'Way of Andy', aka, I'm not going to be paying my yearly membership again.  I'm just going to paint what I like for my Chaos Dwarfs, but the chances are that I'll ever be playing a game again... well... minimal.  I'll be indulging more in my card games events and spend more time watching animes.

Thank you TSA, it has been a great ride, but now we have reached our shared destination and we need to follow our own ways.  Perhaps some day we will meet again, but your always going to remain one of the loves of my life (past).

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  1. That sucks but like all projects interest comes and goes for them.