donderdag 29 november 2012

My new Sleeves!

Straight from Japan they came, at 25 USD on average for a set of 60 sleeves each (but free shipping), so now we can go and start playing Magic: The Gathering anime style.

Coupled with my Saint Seiya gamemat, people might start thinking I ended on the wrong tournament, but I`m showing my colors (get it, magic, colors... I`ll get my coat now).  The left ones are the ones that will be coating my Legacy deck (one worth a full 25 USD and doesn`t even have a sideboard), the right ones are my new Draft / Sealed sleeves.

Both artworks are from the (soft erotic, you get to see a boob now and then in it) Queen`s Blade anime series.  Maybe I can even actually win a game now once in a while if my opponent gets to distracted.  Or if I remember to actually hold the cards with the sleeve artwork turned towards HIM instead of eyeing the lasses on them...

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