vrijdag 2 november 2012

The Crisis before Crisis 2012

Tomorrow it`s that day of the year again, when the gamesclub I`m a member off for 15 years organises it`s annual wargames show, Crisis, in Antwerp

For all the information, check the TSA website and see who is present and how you can get there.

So far the publicity advertising...

For the first year in over a decade... I`m not looking forward to the show.  Nothing to do with the club or such specifics, the show will be held at a bigger, airier and better lit venue this year onwards instead of the Metropolis complex.

But, it`s just, well... my mind has been drifting away from the club more and more this year.  More to things like

Okay, perhaps not to Pantera, that`s not my kind of music per se.

Fact is I couldn`t even be bothered to go help in the setting up today and tomorrow morning.  I won`t be attending the buffet afterwards.

I`m basically doing nothing this year...

But with almost a 100 clubmembers, one soul less wouldn`t be the problem now would it?

Okay, apart that a lot of those 100 will be walking in tomorrow morning waving their membership card for free entrance.

It`s a phenomena that happens in each club, every time and in all kinds of communities.  Wether it is a game club, a sports club or even the local petanque association, it are always the same chinese volunteers that have to carry the burden.

And I can`t / won`t be doing that again.  Again, it`s nothing personal or for a specific reason, but with the so manied campaign / league / idea fizzling out, I`m not putting that many time anymore in the clublife.  I rather play Magic the Gathering, or spend time with the girlfriend and the little minion.

Which doesn`t mean I`m through with wargaming, far from it.  I refound my love with Warhamster, no idea why

but that does mean I`m spending the limited painting time I have these days solely painting my forces of the Dawi Zharr.  Because I still like to attend the occasional tournament, like the upcomming duo one, and still have plans to do a one day Blood Bowl Tournament, as people can`t commit to leagues anyways.  I just need to remember to register to the NAF one of these days...

But that brings us to the summary for tomorrow...

I`m going with ex-TA member `Creepy Corridor` Andy, and i will be queuing like all normal visitors.  I will be paying the entry fee, as I don`t think I have the right to walk in freely as I didn`t do shait for the event this year.  It`s my kind of personal statement to those that do.

And I will be going with a very small shopping list: I`m going to look for some 15mm dwarfs with handguns to be corrupted to my HotT Chaos dwarf force, I need some size 0 brushes and a wooden `socle` for a personal painting project I`m going to start on in the not so far future.

That`s it actually, okay, I might find the occasional Chaos Dwarf suited model or some second hand ones, but that is bonus and not planned anyways.

See you tomorrow with a picture report... from a visitors perspective this year.

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