donderdag 15 november 2012

The Duo Tournament: 1000 points of sheer firepower

The 24st of November is approaching fast now, and as such the forces are gathering up for the TSA Duo Tournament.

I`m partnering with my long time Nemesis to take the field together for the first time, and under the monikker of Team Old Skool (we both field a lot of 4th / 5th edition models) we struck an unholy Chaos Alliance.

he will be bringing along the muscle of the force in the guise of Chaos Warriors, I will be bringing along the firepower en masse to soften up the resistance for the muscle to tear through.

Now, judging by the `probably entring with` list on our clubforum, it might be necessary, as I counted at least 2 Lizardmen, 1 Orc and 1 other Chaos Warrior force, so toughness 4 will be prelevalent in the tournament it seems.

Not to worry, I opted for this reason just to bring along the Marksmen of Miragliano.  the unofficial army lists that can be found on Warhammer Battle Reporter are always allowed when we organise those kinds of in club tournaments, so I either had the option to take along 20 Hobgoblin Archers with their bows, or 10 of the mercenaries.  20 shots with long range at 12" over and then hitting on 5s, wounding on 5s, no save modifier versus 10 shots hitting on 3s (and one even on 2), a long range of 15" over and no modifiers to hit for the range, strength 4 with a -1 modifier... easy choice.

It IS still a tournament after all...

On the other hand, I`m hauling along an amazing 10 points worth of magic items, divided as one on each character...

So without further ado, the army list for my part of the force:

Infernal Castellan with a Fireglaive and the Ironcurse Icon: she will be joining the blunderbuss unit for cover and is the acting general of the force.  The icon is just `in case` for opposing war machines, though judging by the armies apparently present and the points sizes, it ain`t going to be an artillery battle I think.

Deamonsmith level 2 with a Pistol and the Pidgeon Plucker Pendant.  He will be toting the lore of Fire mostly, unless when we`re up against heavily armoured troops in which case he will be switching to the Lore of Gold (and pray for that gold turning spell).  His main job is to stay in between my rocket launchers to use the Infernal Engineer skill and his item is just in case some assassin harpies, eagle riders or whotnot`s are about.

20 Infernal Guard with Hailshot Blunderbusses.  These guys will, depending on the scenario and special rules present (see an earlier post about those) probably be advancing on the flank of the warriors, to enfillade any ambitious Horde sized units.  Potentially 60 shots per volley?  No multiple fire modifier?  Armour reductions?  Say bye bye to any decent shaped unit of goblins, skinks, skeletons, and whatever low value bulk out units.

2 Deathshrieker Rockets.  A large, self correcting 5" template, albeit only at strength 3, is still something to be worried about if your a ranked and filed trooper.  Having two come your way even more so.  And having an engineer present to seriously reduce the misfire chance makes them dropdead lethal

10 Marksmen of Miragliano.  Lovely models.  Lovely rules.  See the reasoning at the beginning.

So the force numbers 32 models and 2 war machines with crew, whom if all goes well cause 74 shooting attacks and 2 incoming SCUD missiles per round of firing... I think I have my part of the pact covered now ;-)

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