donderdag 22 november 2012

Saint Seiya Omega CCG: completed

Today I received a parcel from a french eBay seller containing the last missing card for my collection.  With the `Microcosm` (a fancy name for an ultra rare chace card) I now have the complete set, and in the end 3 of the Buy a Box promos to boot.

The game uses the familiar Carddass engine, in that you have factions (aka Colors) with the characters (called Units) that can fight over battlefields and be upgraded with Power cards.  Bit like in Magic the Gathering actually.

The only `difficult` part on the (Japanese) versions of Carddass games is their numbering system, both for them and for their Gundam counterparts (a company that makes CCGs of both my favorite franchises, gotta love them) is that they always restart the numbers in every colour.  Makes it at times hard to figure out the checklists (in japanese) that come in the booster packs.

The set is about the first part of the Omega series, roughly before the battles for the Ruins and their Silver Guardians commence, so I expect an expansion that covers that story arc and one that covers the currently running Gold Saint arc in the future.

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