dinsdag 27 november 2012

Limited Edition Lego Elrond

A bit of a special tread to myself, as I got the newest of the Lego games for the PS3 for myself this weekend.

Now, I am a big Lord of the Rings fan (book and film) and looking forward to the Hobbit in two weeks (yes, I`m actually counting down days on my calendar) and as to my own amazement the past months found out that those Lego games are actually great fun, I got me a pre-order on this one.

I also managed to play already through the first three levels in the few hours of game time I had so far, and the game doesn`t disappoint, though as with all Lego games it helps a lot if you actually know the movies or the books.  And all respect, I think the movies are still just a bit to doom and gloom for 7 year olds as the game is `rated` for.

I also already saw on the map it includes my all time favorite LotR character, Tom Bombadil!!!

As an added bonus, the pre-order came with a Lego figurine kit of the Master of Rivendel, Elrond, luvely.

And no Little Minion, this game and figurine are mine I says, all mine... myyy precioussssssss...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I quite like the lego games, The stories aren't really told that well but often dine in a jokey fashion. They cool little platform games that I quite like though. Lego Elrond is super!

  2. Well, so far my favorites are LotR and the Pirates one, less fond of the Harry Potter's, but then I'm not a Potter fan at all (haven't read the books, barely half eye followed one or two of the movies)