zaterdag 10 november 2012

Walking Plains, a temporary round up

With yesterdays Friday Night Magic participation, I'm now seriously sneaking up on outplaying wargames this year with Magic the Gathering events.

The counter stands at the moment at 21 Magic events attended (each of those taking either a whole evening or a whole day) versus 25 wargames played. 
Now, prognoses are that the wargame tally will be raised still by a measly 3 during the Duo Tournament, but the Magic events will be still going up around 10 this year with about 6 more FNMs, a couple of wednesday drafts and the odd saturday or sunday tournament left or right.

I must say, with this being the first year playing 'full time competitive' in Magic, I'm not unhappy about my learning and performance curves so far, rounding on average at 33 to 40% results.  Comming down to usually 1 out 3 wins on Drafts and 2 wins, 1 draw out of 6 on average on sealed events, pre-releases and releases etc.  Not to shabby for an amateur, forward house Orzhov!

And maybe, just maybe I can get some Far Siders to join more frequently.  Andy and Sven have decks, just need them to start drafting, and Nemesis his spark is starting to ignite as well, I got his DCI papers here with me to have them filled in...

The goal next year?  Creep towards the 50% barrier and stabilise there during the year.  Which will mean I'll have to force myself at least when new sets are released to at the minimum take a read on the cards BEFORE sitting at the drafting tables and do some follow up on how the combos in that set work hehehe.

This will also mean however that in 2013 I'll be going to be playing more and more of the other formats, namely Standard first and Legacy, I'm still bound to win a game with my 25 dollar green blitzkrieg deck somewhere!  Not sure how and where, but going for it never the less!

Unfortunatly, that will mean that my wargaming paint goals for next year will be reduced to minimums, namely painting all entries required for both BSL and LPL filled in with my Chaos Dwarf models and have the force grow that way, albeit slowly, and probably won't be attending TSA at all during the year bar for some tournaments or the likes... time will tell.

And no you bunch of parasites, those thousands of euros worth of Chaos Dwarfs are NOT becomming available!  There mine, allll mine... I just won't be buying any miniatures anytime soon until at least 50% of the current collection is painted.

So to round out, here are so far my national placings for this year, updated after the Friday Night Magic of yesterday:

Seasonal Ranking: 20th of august 'till 16th of december: 387th place out of 1306 registred with 41 points
Yearly Ranking: 2nd of april 2012 'till 17th of march 2013: 414th place, only top 500 gets ranked, with 134 points
Lifetime Ranking: All-Time: no ranking, only top 500 gets ranked, points needed at the moment 1911, I have 178 points
Professional Ranking: are you kidding me

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