dinsdag 6 november 2012

Hashut STILL needs your vote!

Okay, so things went a bit wrong with the Deathroller voting system, pity my dear friends as thanks to you all, the dice where a sure shot, I was at 60% of the votes both times the poll software crashed.

So now it has all been moved apparantly to the Talk Fantasy Football forum, and running there for 7 days.

So once more, I`d like to ask for your support, I really would like to get those dice in my possession, of course I won`t be burning you at the stake if you vote on someone else, or not at all.  Well, i might burn you all a little bit then...


IF you would like to help out your ol` Society Director, you can do that by registring and account if you don`t have one over at TFF (takes a few moments, and TV stands for Team Value btw) and cats your vote on Deathroller 1.

The link

I would be very gratefull for your help, and Hashut even more.

1 opmerking:

  1. I think 3rd time won't be a charm for you, You have my vote but it seems like they switched voting one time too many...

    Shame really as this takes the voting to a completely different level...

    Hope for the best!