donderdag 8 november 2012

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review: Seiya in the Odin Robe

The big hero of the Asgard series, the sword Balmung and the Odin god cloth.  When the bronze saints managed to defeat the God Warriors, they needed to implant the 7 Sapphires of Odin in the large statue of the Norse uppergod.

When they reach this goal, the legendary Odin robe, equipped with the sword Balmung, reveals itself and covers the Pegasus Saint, in order to destroy the Nibelungen ring on princess Hilda of Polaris finger.

This reveals the plot of Poseidon to use the God Warriors to weaken Sanctuary, as their lord is seemingly re-awakening.

The cloth is, like all the others in the God Warriors range, really well detailed and comes with a very realistic and anime like colouring.  Not the hardest to assemble, as the Odin robe is generally an ice crystal with a sword in it, the parts fit together easily and not much fiddling is needed.

A good buy like the rest of the series, and now this set is almost complete for me.

Oh, and he makes a cool DLC character to play on the Playstation game as well ;-)

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