zondag 11 november 2012

What remains of Goals in 2012

The year draws to an end now, with my long holiday in november behind me, and the final 6 week sprint to the holiday season in front.

Which brings us to a good point to talk abit further about the post of yesterday, and have a look of the set goals in 2012 and what still can be reached in all aspects of the hobbies I pursue.


I played 25 games so far this year, and I think to end at 30 would be a nice total, but I'm afraid that will be managable still.  For next year, I'm aiming at 10 games total, which comes round to about 3 tournaments and a game.

Painting wise, a nice set of objectives have been reached already (see the left sidebar), but I'm aiming at at least also completing the HotT force still.  The Heroclix will be unatainable, I gave the unpainted ones away to the little minion, for the other two I'm settling for a 50% mark as a 'well done considering...'

The 2013 goals for this will be to paint 250 Hashut's models, 25 anime models, and complete bpth Brush Slave League season 2 and Lead Painter's League 7.

No grand ambitions there anymore on the miniature front.

Magic the Gathering

As with wargaming, I'm aiming to settle at 30 attended events this year.  Next year, the stretch goal is 50 events minimum.

Points wise, I'm currently at level 18 Plainswalker, and I would be glad if I can push this up to level 20 before the years end, meaning at my average rate of scoring, that would be to attend all 6 FNMs and then some 3 odd other events.  Do-able.

Playstation 3

The challenge has been shifted to next year, and will be fought out slightly different, and with a price.  Details will follow on the second of january 2013 when the start scores and rulings are going to be posted here, but for this year I'm trying to at least reach rank 13 and get the gap to Andy down to 7500 points.  The first part is doable, the second will be way harder.

And to cut the theters of my old professional life and make a whole new start in a whole new branch, but that has nothing to do with the hobby, bar time management ;-)

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