dinsdag 4 juni 2019

De Quaye Werelt 2019: Anno 1477

The Quaeye Werelt is a large medieval camp re-enactment, taking place in Deurne (near Antwerp) since 1999.

During the event, people can witness how the medieval life went about, and buy things from specialised merchants.

There are also demonstrations of re-enactors, like this medieval swordfight tournament.

But the highlight is definitly the battle for Antwerp, as the Burgundy army came to our beloved city to quell the rebellion on taxes.

We did leave the battle a few minutes before the end, to beat the masses on the drinking lines.  And at 30 degrees, there was no way i wanted to wait a moment longer then needed.

This was also Noshi`s first time at the event, and she found it a truly wonderful experience.  And one I can recommend to all you people as well to pass by and have a stroll in the wonderful park, transformed during this medieval fair in one big encampment!

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    1. It was, it was also the misses first time to this yearly event and she really enjoyed it. Our wargame club might actually "get a tent" there next year...