maandag 30 september 2019

Hammers & Swords 2019

This weekend saw the ressurection of my game club onto the Tournament Scene as a hoster of events.

I guess it must have been back in 2012 when the last one was hosted, then for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and now after years of voidness we entered the scene again with a The 9th Age (the spiritual follow up of WFB) event.

We had put open 32 spots through T3 for the event, as that made it "manageable" in scale for a first timer, and the turn out was a success with 29 players actually attending, and three clubmembers alternating as the reserve player.

Price support was given by our sponsor, Het Magische Naaldje in Kapellen, and what an awesome heap it was to grant the players of the tournament.

On the same note, the club pitched in and sponsored the trophies for the event itself.

And in the meantime, our resident Orcish cook was sweltering away in the kitchen to make his Squig Con Carne...

Now back to business while the stew sputters, the tournament itself!  There where some drop dead gorgeous army present, and during the 3 rounds of battling I took the opportunity to put some of them to picture for this little corner of the internet. 

The distribution of armies was rather equal, as it didn't become a "mono faction event" as a result, the most common being like 3 players fielding the same force.

Over the course of the battles, I had some unexpected "work" as the software we selected decided to go in retardo modus and refused to add painting and fair play points to the total, and scrambled up some other small thing.  So I jumped back in the mid-2000s mindset of tournament organisation and took the best pc there is: by pen and paper...

It all seems to have ran smoothly though, and after many battle was fought, it was time for the award ceremony.

Coming out on top, was Guy Demeyere.

Next we had Best Painted, but as Nico Hermans, who won, had already left, he had told us to give his price to our only Youngblood present, Cedric.  But I do have a picture of his army.

In second place came Menno van Tergouw.

And the top-3 was rounded out by Ortwyn Lowijck.

We then proceeded to hand out prices down to 11th place, before we came to that said Youngblood again, Cedric, who also carried the Red Lantern today...

Hectic for sure after all those years, but I hope everyone had a fantastic day with our "return to the scene" tournament.  It was a pleasure helping to organise this, and now it's time to iron out some children diseases for a more polished event next year.

Thanks to all that attended, both as a player, volunteer or visitor, and see you in 2020!

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