dinsdag 24 september 2019

My 9th Age General: Imperial Prince Jung

So I finally bit the bullet and have started building my force for the 9th Age game, the spiritual follow up to the glorious Warhammer Fantasy Battles of old.

While I pondered hard on exactly which force to field (Infernal Dwarves being obvious candidates), when I saw Titan Forge's Dragon Empire I was sold.

Now, this means I'm going to use them as Empire of Sonnstahl for a force, but restrict myself to the forces they and some other manufacturers have available, as well the fact I always played Empire in WFB so have a general idea of what the army works like.

For the record: I played three armies over all the years I played WFB: Chaos Dwarfs, Wood Elves and The Empire

Now, I already read and heard that warmachines aren't dominant in th current meta, but big monsters are, yet I will be hauling along as many gunpowder devices along as I can, because that is just my style of play.

But my general (a model from the Bushido range) will be "riding" a dragon never the less.  Rulewise, he is an Imperial Prince as such, but the dragon model is a resin one I obtained years ago.  No idea what brand it is from (or even if it was made specifically for wargaming uberhaubt), and I love it so much I didn't want to cut in it.  So I decided to put my general actually in front of the beast, on a small raised rock in order to fit the 50x100 base (as the dragons cast base was already 40 wide, causing issues to fit a 20x20 on it as well).  Considering it's a single model for the rules anyways, this made no difference.

Now, I went for black armour, as I am greatly inspired by The Great Wall fantasy movie (see my report on that one past summer) and my forces will be reflecting those of themovies as such.  I'm also going for a minimum 3 tone colour scheme as well, to make the army really stand out on the table as highly colourfull.

So there we have it, and 840 points general for my 4500 point force, a serious heap out of the allowance (the dragon as well taking a bite - no pun intended - out of my Sunna allowance for the force) for characters, but it is just to cool to pass up.  I'll snibble down on points in other chracters then I guess, as this is going to be a tournament force, but I won't be playing for the win anyways.

Now to start building the first regiments!

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