zondag 22 september 2019

On the Painting Desk 112

It has been a good week to get some figures further near the "ready" mark.

Not that the whole lot is finished, but progress has been made big time on some of the larger units.

The Men of Minas Tirith swordsmen have all been completed as well now bar the flocking of the bases, so they have been put aside.  I'm planning on doing a large "flock-a-thon" for the rank and filers once the Morannons and Moria Goblins are done as well, putting them all in one go through the good old flock box.

Same goes for the Mordor banner, who is also down that line now, and work has begun on the Cirith Ungol Uruk-hai for their battle company.

Though doubt is starting to creep in, wether to go for the havocs or not in the end... I'm still contemplating wether or not I'll let them make "the move", as Psychic Awakening will add yet another book to the pile (or mutliples) to haul along to events...

Meanwhile at Paint Station Beta

Talking those Morannons, the skin base colour is done now as well, and the figures are awaiting their move to the homefront, to be finished there.  As that will be an "inbetween" project of a colour of a time, I expect them to be ready in the beginning of november or so, making them ready right on time for the move...

But first, time to try and clear out some more single figures and small units as well...

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