vrijdag 13 september 2019

The Big 3 for 2020

Well, it might be odd posting this halfway of september, but bear with me.

As one might know, not only am I moving this year, there is a little hobbit on the way as well!

Now, that means of course that the room that was designated man-cave has been forfeited, and I moved into the smaller one once labelled dressing, to become my private little hobby space.

However, chin up and soldiering forward, that won't mean that I'll be forfeiting all (or at least some) of the big plans I wanted to launch in 2020.  While the cosplay creation will be falling down the wayside, as I won't have enough space to carve up blocks of foam for the foreseebale future, that doesn't mean my other plans will be down the drain.

The first of those will be YouTube.  The hobbit hole will serve as the studio, as I'll be trying to go to a three uploads a week schedule for the new year, and of course, you will be able to find all of them here on the blog.  I plan on putting out weekly episodes of the On the Painting Desk again, which is something due to time restraints has been neglected and back to pictures the past months, then a clip of something that got finished on that painting desk, and an Opinion piece where I will once again brabble about my hobby life.

Add to that the occassional battle reports and if all goes well the Battle Companies campaign I *might* be running at home in 2020 and the channel will get some serious upgrading as such.  And it might be a good time to finally study how the whole editing works on there...

The second big plan I have is to finally install that decent 3D printer at home, and start churning out my own terrain pieces.  This saves up a LOT of budget for the hobby, as a roll of filament is way cheaper then the buildings, and mostly the shipping costs, of big models.  And give a far wider selection to fill own table, but as well a couple over at the club when I run an event there.

The final 'big one' is a budget saver, as I'll be trying to fund myself that one model of Lord of the Rings I really want for the collection: Smaug, Desolator of the North... though he comes in at a hefty 400+ euro to order, so that will be some decent savings to be done during the year!

So those are them, the big 3 I plan to achieve in the coming year, standing seperate from hobby goals and the likes but requiring focus to obtain...

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