maandag 16 september 2019

Vennenbos 2019

In a yearly tradition, the family packed up for a week at a bungalow park, and this time it was to Bladel, where the Landal Vennenbos park is situated.

Typically for those parks, it had a subtropical swimming pool (not to big, but in downseason no queues for the slides and such) and the necessary accomodations like a supermarket, restaurants and animation.

The bungalow was a cosy little cottage, suited for up to 6 people (and a baby bed... something usuable next year!) and is located in the green landscape of Northern Brabant.  Located between Turnhout and Eindhoven (each about 20km away) you are in a nature filled little park.

The park carries nature and animals high in it's theme, with a bird flat tree, but also a children's farm.

But you can just as well run into the local wild squirrels that hop around the whole park, and even buy squirrel food balls in the local store.

We participated in the pub quiz evening as well... and went on to swiftly win the whole affair.  After mallorca last year, that makes a 2 / 2 victory streak, and we won a voucher for the Escape Room in the park.

This Escape Room carries the title "De Alchemist van Hapert" (the Alchemist of Hapert, a nearby village) in which you are locked in in his laboratory and have to escape within the hour.

We did it with more then 11 minutes to spare, and requiring only a single tip, which of course I won`t be spoiling here.  But it was a fun adventure, and actually the very first one I ever did...

So a good midweek to relax, and I couldn`t resist asking for a selfie with the neighbour, who had a most impressive goatee.

I`ll get there...

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