woensdag 18 september 2019

SBG Issue 6 - Spring 2018

As I review this issue, I came to realise I'm slowly catching up on the current edition.  As time of writing, I'm waiting for issue 8 to arrive in the mail, while issue 9 of this fantastic fanzine is entering production and shouldn't take to long either to come out.

And the theme of this issue is To The King, following up on the huge battle of Dale last issue, the central battle of this issue is the one in front of the gates of Erebor.

Once again produced in high quality, let's flick through the magazine and see what tales of Middle-Earth are brought to us this issue, as we go through the editiorial and right to the first feature, the snippets page of SBG Towers.

Of Dice and Men is the second part of the article series that details with the mathematical odds of combats, and how to best min / max those odds to get a preferable outcome in your fights.

Cubes of Woe builds further upon this, with some of the most improbable odds rolls around the studio.

The Dr's Corner returns this month, as it takes a look at how Middle-Earth can influence ones life choices, from hobbies to naming children, all by getting a book to read in summer when at a young age... and details with some of the GW references of old in Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  It made me muse on how GW does have degenerated in an IP priority control freak, while taking liberties themselves 2 decades ago though...

In Tactica this issue, we get the first part of a two part article on how to field the Iron Hills Dwarves to best effect, as these little plate armour tanks are one of the strongest forces out there still, even with the new edition that has arrived between when the magazine was made and when I'm putting these words to paper (or well, screen actually...).

And then we have it, the huge battle report that features the Iron Hills Dwarves and the Champions of Erebor against Azog's monstrous legion.  More then 20 monsters and 175 Gundabad orcs face off against wall of 200 Dwarves and our beloved heroes.

The scenario makes use of some special rules not to drag the game out for a week with all those high defence models, and it seems to play smoothly that way, something I definitly will remember when I ever do a large game at the club!  Also, Bombur!

Next we have How to Win a Golden Demon, another first instalment of a two part article, in which Kev Lawrence talks about his bronze demon winning diorama for MESBG.

The Painting Masterclass this issue could only tackle one figure of course, namely Thorin, King under the Mountain!

In The Heirs of Durin, we take a look at the specially converted Champions of Erebor for the use in the battle report earlier.

And rounding out, we take a look at the projects the crew are working on in the Hobby Blog.

And there we have it, the sixth issue of the lovely fanzine, always a joy to read and a true labour of love by the team!

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