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White Dwarf September 2019

Another issue of White dwarf has hit the stands this weekend, so here we are as usual for the overview and "flick through" of this month's issue.

The cover features the Dark Angels, as it satates this illustrious chapter and their relation with Primaris marines as the issues central focus point.

It comes with a freebie as well, a code card to unlock Felix and Gotrek in the Total War II game.

The magazine starts off as usual, with the Editorial, Contact and Reader's Models sections.

In Worlds of Warhammer we take a look at how faction's organisation in their backgrounds can influence the building of a collection.

Moving to the 40k section this month first, Echoes of the Warp details Robin's experiences of playing and collecting Warhammer 40k armies.

Pain Aetarna is a short fiction piece detailing the aftermath of a Dark Angels inductee battle experience.

Index Astartes turns it's focus this month onto the Dark Angels, first amongst many, and how the Primaris are inducted into the chapter organisation.  If you ever had hopes of one chapter refusing the new Rubicon process, it is now gone... but it also has no new rules or units, just a fresh scenario.

The Angels of Death feature a large showcase of a painted Dark Angels army, while Paint Splatter takes a look at painting Primaris units for the Dark Angels.

In the next instalment of Galactic War Zones, we tackle the Frozen Wastelands found all over the galaxy, with painting tips and colourschemes for various factions.

Escalation provides new Kill Team datasheets, to use the Blackstone expansion of the same name into your games of Kill Team.

The Age of Sigmar section opens with Jervis taking a look at smaller games with the new Meeting Engagement rules from the General's Handbook.

The Stormvault Warlords return this issue with a look at the progress of their armies over the past weeks.

When Six Tribers Go To War features the new designer's notes for the Warcry game that arrived last month, and is followed by a Battle Report featuring three warlords out for glory.

Arena of Blood are new rules for a campaign event in Warcry with scenarios and all the advancement tables you need.

In Glory Points, Phil shows us the decks he used in the Underworlds tournament.

Golden Demon Winner's Challenge continues this month with more awedropping paintjobs from the creme de la creme of GW painters.

The Broggan Brothers are rules to include Ogryn bodyguards in your Blackstone games including a scenario to be able to recruit them.

In A Slayer Reforged, they interview Brian Nelson, the sculptor responsible for the returning Gotrek into the Mortal Realms, as well as the latest audiobooks and artwork involving the legendary hero.

Heroic Actions Tactica let's Jay Clare, designer and multiple event winner in MESBG talk about the use of the various Heroic Actions at your disposal in the game.

And as always, we round out the issue with Inside the Studio.

Wel, it's not a bad issue at all, with the new rules all being for the smaller games (Kill Team, Warcry, ... ) instead of the big ones.  Which is just fine, as that is how I see the 'purpose' of the magazine, giving support to the little systems instead of yet another heap of Marines of Stormcast faction rules.

For me personally, there wasn't THAT much intresting material in the magazine this time, but I will enjoy reading the other articles for sure.  After the MESBG one...

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