maandag 8 augustus 2011

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

So, the benefit of having a PC down... your Playstation 3 (finally) gets some game loving instead of living a life of a BlueRay player.

The game was released here in europe the 19th of july, and I bought it for the occassional game, it being Gundams and all. Two pc-less weeks, and I'm far over the 100+ in game hours; hunting trophees and levelling all kinds of pilots and developping all sorts of Mobile Suits.

The great thing is, you can put (after a while) your favorite characters in your most loved suits, resulting in me toting around Lunamaria Hawke in the Strike Freedom most of the time. A babe in a gorgeous suit, what else would one want.

The game itself is like the other Dynasty Warriors, a hack and slash game, but due to the nature of mobile suits, the dash and shooting functions play a tad bigger role in here then in the other DW games. You can't expect for example the Heavyarms Kai to rush in with his combat knife, nor would anyone be impressed by the firepower of the back up vulcans of the Master Gundam. is a great site for more of the DW series, and it has a preview of the upcomming Saint Seiya DW style game... happy times ahead!

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