zondag 28 augustus 2011

Regiment a Month 4: Zaku! Zaku!

Seven brave souls pledged their social life and free time to a project of painting a complete regiment each month. Now, over halfway down, it has dwindled down to an intense threeway between World of Skratch, Nelson`s Revenge and myself. Make sure you drop a peek there as well to see their entries for Round 4, you can find them in the top sidebar of blogs on the left.
Pressure caused Mechaniak and Creepy Corridor to drop out along the way, while the other two didn`t make it of the starting grid, like a Virgin with overweigth (that`s a Formula One racing car you pervs!).

So last month gave us a school class of Mutants, a band of Khador warjacks and a Confederate artillery battery... so what will this month bring?

Zaku! Zaku!

For me, this month is all about 6mm for the regiment. With the plans formed to create and run the finale of the Invasion Earth campaign for Future War Commander, in which I use the Cav Open Market List due to the amount of battlesuits in there (and dubbed it `Celestial Being`), my regiment provides more foot troops for my forces, together with a variety of grav tanks (all by Brigade).
And of course, more mobile suits, with the coolest `rank and file` Gundams around, the venerable Zaku II. These models are 1/400 gashapons.
Finally, I rounded the entry out with a lighthouse, a piece of scenery I had lying around since Crisis last year, and which resurfaced with the massive clean up and redecoration works I`m having over here.

So two more rounds to go it is, and next month I`m returning to my Union army, with a very specialised skirmisher unit... it won`t be usefull for the majority of battles, but it will look cool amongst the Boys in Blue

Ciao Ciao

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  1. They pop up frequently on eBay, usually a few bucks a piece (+ shipping out of Hong Kong), I usally search on `gashapon gundam` for possible hits

  2. I can't keep up the pace, but the project lives! It will soon(ish) make it to my blog ...

    This 6mm army looks good!