zondag 7 augustus 2011

Regiment a Month 3: X marks the spot

A week late... even though the models where finished a week early...

But the pc issues aren't reslved yet, stil struggling at the moment with IP recognising issues, but at least I have 'ol blacky' back and can access my files, so I can upload the pictures now through my laptop.

Last month was a bit of a downer in the project; seeing not to much action in the participants corners, but hopefully round 3 will smack some of them back in action

My regiment this month is a bunch of repainted Marvel heroclix models of various X men, just for those days we get Supersystem up and running.

Drawn from various series and eras, these blokes will hopefully help out mutant kind against all commers.

Led by Professor X, the field teams are usually led by Cylops and Jean Grey on the one hand, and Storm and Wolverine on the other in the times we still spoke of X-men Blue and X-men Gold

However, with the aftermath of the House of M, Prof X was left depowered and the school's new principal became Emma Frost; former White Queen of the Helfire Club. Still in the ranks is good ol' Rogue, while Syrin, daughter of Irish born and currently deceased x-man Bashee, recently joined up with X-Factor Investigations

And some odds and ends for the team: Karma; tinkerer supreme Forge; Psylocke, here still in her armoured suit before she was merged with Kwannon to become the oriental babe we all drool over today; Multiple Man Jamie Maddrox and the latest uniform incarnation of Tabitha 'Boom-Boom' Smith

That's the entry for this month, since 6mm is getting a kick start soonish, next month will see a full tank regiment and support for my 'Celestial Being' force in Future War Commander

Ciao Ciao

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