donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review #12: Alberich of Megrez

A while ago, I filled out my top - 5 of cloths from Saint Seiya in on a sticky over at the excellent and friendly english languaged SS forum; intrested people can find that on and mine in the end looked like this:

1. Steed Sleipnir (Hagen of Merak)
2. Amethyst Goblin (Alberich of Megrez)
3. Cancer cloth ( though give me Manigoldo in the armour over Deathmask any day)
4. Cygnus, first anime vrsion cloth (due to the blue white contrast)
5. Unicorn (again, the helmed anime version of Jabu)

I like the Asgard designs, and now it is only logical that I finaly got me greedy little paws on the Amethyst Goblin.

In the anime, Alberich is the 'emminence grise' at the court of Hilda, and the one man who knows what actually goes on with the Nibelungen ring and the control Poseidon exorts over the princess as a result, due to the fact that he was an accidental witness to the event. And he plans on using that for his own dark scemes of world domination!

His great inteligence also results in his fighting style, preferring to trap his enemies rather then fighting an honourable combat, for what is honour to a dead man in his opinion. However, should this fail, he also has the terrible power of nature under his command, including a flaming crystal sword.

So on to the cloth then. First thing of notice is the colour of the cloth, a very vibrant, clean sapphire blue and a realy lovely colour. I work in the high valuables sector and believeme, for a sapphire of that intens blue, a lot of money exchanges hands. Never mind a rare blue diamond... Really beautful!

The cloth itself is a tat simpler in design then most of the full encompassing Asgard clothes, most noticeably in it's lack of upper arm pieces. This reflects in my opinion it's wearers preference for underhand fighting over the physical bruise fest of getting in closely. Think of him like Tyrion Lannister from A Game of Thrones in a way.

The hair, another 'win or lose' point in most Myth cloths is perfectly done with no visible seems once the headpiece is on, though the head piece itself isn't the easiest around to fit, small tip is to detach the head for a moment when you assemble it.

The model comes with a crystal sword and flames you can put over it to turn it into the burning blade het wields, but I went for the pose of the crossed arms. On the back of the box he leans against a tree nonchalantly in that pose, but laws of gravity and such being what they are, this would only be obtainable by using the stands from Bandai. Still, kinda like it when ones signature pose is not one of combat so cross armed it was hehehe.

A great model definitly worth buying in order to add to your collections, just for the gorgeous colouring of the armour alone makes it worth a lot over certain other cloths.
It's a fat 5 out of 5 for this coth from me, and that isn't only for the fact that I just like the character in the anime!

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