zondag 7 augustus 2011

Magic the Gathering: Here we go again!

It's been nearly 15 years since I played this game, Homelands being the last of the series I bought (that was from the Ice Age block, between 4th and 5th edition for those around that long) and then I quitted the whole shaboodle

But just as Bucky comes back from the grave, so apparently does ones love for Magic. When I uttered it as TSA, it appeared several others there where toying with the idea of playing it again, and past friday I played for the first time in ages. And got soundly beaten.

I bought a single box of New Phyrexia, and barely managed to scratch a deck of blue and artifacts; with way to many of the latter and to much land together for my tastes.

I always played Blue. I love it's irritating playstyle (according to some, it fits me like a glove... *sick*) of Counterspells, Unsummons, Power Sinks and the likes, blocking off the opponent till I get enough mana going to summon my heavy hitter flyers like back then in the days where Air Elementals, Mahamoti Djinn's etc.

For the second game, again vs black, I had been trading some 20 or so cards around from our doubles, and had some more of the irritating factor in the 'deck to be soonish', resulting in a win.

My opponent then switched to the one kind of deck I always had, still have, and probably always will have issues with: a Green critter deck, the rate it churns out small creatures is to much for my counters (especcially with the deck not having enough of them yet to my personal tastes) to keep up with, nibbling me to death unless I get a lucky starting hand and he gets a bad draw. In three games, that happenned once. Still, a 2 out of 5 ain't to bad for an old, rusty, out of shape Planeswalker working his way back up.

Or for a reference to those around REALLY longtime: the House of Bolk is on the warpath again.

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