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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 15: Steel Saint Land and Marine cloths

The Steel Saints. A pure filler from the anime during the Silver saints arc of the original series, these three cloths are created by the Grade Foundation to help protect princess Saori. Possessing no cosmo, the powers of these young boys comes purely from the robotic armors, originally designed by Dr. Hakase (with the support of Mitsumasa Kido).

These are very black and white story plot cloths, people tend to love them or hate them, and I am one of the first category though. I actually found it a pity they didn`t get some more screen time (they could be standing around protecting the fallen Saori for example) without moving to the foreplan to much.

First seen standing aside in the ruined arena of the Galaxian War when Hyoga fought to defend the princess, they soon intervene and defeat the Silver saint attacking the Cygnus saint. Daichi can generate earthquakes while Ushio fight with sound waves, and together these two clothes can generate a `combination attack` which seems strong enough to overcome the powers of Silver saints (whom, lets face it, seem horribly underpowered all series long, acting like the local punching bags, only Crystal and Lyra seem capable in the end).

Recently, Tamashii (which is a sub company of the behemoth that Bandai is) released a limited edition set of the Steel cloths of Land and Marine. The duo comes in a big box together, so it isn`t possible to buy them seperatly `first hand` with a smaller box like the other Myths, and it doesn`t follow the `book` style of the rest. Still, artwork, `in action` pictures and all are similar to normal clothes, you`ll just have to cope with the larger size (well, it`s mainly longer, about 1.5 times the normal boxes) if like me you collect them as wall decorations.

One little gimmick I found amusing on the cloths, is that the skeletons of the Object mode have tiny wheels as the boys often seemed arriving at the scene riding or flying their armours. Remember, their cloths are not alive, and they don`t have Pandora boxes. The wheels on the models actually turn smoothly, so the people (though I can`t imagine why) that want to use their cloths as deluxe matchbox cards, go along...

Ushio is the Steel Saint of Sword Fish or the Marine cloth. He, like his partner, comes with two heads, one the fairly standard face of most cloths, the other a shouting face as he does during the combine attack.
The biggest drawback on this cloth for me, is the fact that the blue on the metal parts doesn`t really equal the plastic blues, being more matted. And as can be seen on the Alberich cloth I did a while ago, they can make a fgorgeous blue colouring equaling on plastic and metal

Daishi, the Steel saint of Fox, or the Land cloth, has the same duo of faces, and also the nice attention that, where saints like Geki or Alberran tower over other models, he is a good head shorter then the other saints. Ushio is the same size of normal bronze saints and the likes, but the youngest of the trio is well smaller. Nice they remembered that!

The cloth is in my opinion gorgeous. It is assembled in such a way bu connecting for example the back chest plate, front chest plate and shoulder pieces together on the actual `chestpiece` that it looks as the armour in it`s car form has indeed split open and glided over the body like it did in the anime. This adds immensely to the feel of a `transformer saint` that the Steel saints have, and the colouring is nice and equal between metal and plastic.

I like this set. Sure, they where bloody expensive, especcially since shipping costs also tally in to send those cloths halfway across the globe, but for me they are worth each and every dollar spend. I`m rating them with a 4 out of 5 due to the slight colouring issues I have on the Marine cloth, but the next one I`m mail ordering is so going to be their leader, the Air cloth or Steel saint of Toucan.

Taking one for the team

Well, just as an extra, shelf one is now filled with Myth clothes, though there will be shufflings around of course when more roll in and the whole shaboodle gets reorganised as we go on (the second Kraken I have, in object mode, already is keeping a shelf warm...)

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