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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 13: Orphée of Lyra

The Legendary Warrior. The Silver saint that has a Cosmo that can reach a higher level then the Gold saints. The warrior that doesn`t fight even though his power equals all of Hades`s 3 Judges...

Orphée is known by many different descriptions, but he is perhaps the Saint with one of the most tragic destinies. In love with Eurydice, he travels to the Underworld when his beloved dies from a snakebite.

Playing for Hades, the lord of the Underworld is touched by his virtuoso skills and revives her, though Pandora, with the help of the Spectre Pharah of Sphinx, tricked the Lyra saint to remain in Underworld, and the world above declared him dead... until Seiya and Shun stumbled upon him and with the help of Eurydice regained his Sainthood and devised the attack on Hades himself, a plan whoch got him killed but finally reunited with his beloved Eurydice.

The Same, but not the same: the Ghost saint Lyra Orpheus! The character who bears almost the same name and appeared in the first Saint Seiya motion picture is not the same person as the Silver Saint of the Hades chapter. Lyra Orpheus of the movie is slimmer, has darker hair, and dons a slightly altered version of the Lyra Cloth. He also uses a technique by the name of "Stringer Requiem", which entangles his opponent with the strings of his lyre and leaves his victim at his mercy. Lastly, it is generally accepted that Lyra Orpheus of the movie is far weaker than Lyra Orphée of the Hades chapter, as he was defeated by a single attack in his battle with Phoenix Ikki. Both men share the same exceptional musical talent, and both men have loved and lost a woman by the name of Eurydice.

But on towards the cloth itself then. No matter how intriguing and legendary the tale of Orphée might be, his cloth is rather simple and elegant in design. To be honest, not much can be said about it at all, as it doesn`t have any mistakes comming with a nice sculpt for the hair, especcially when the helmet is on (a standard practice I do for all my characters, even though the anime tends to show warriors mostly without their headpieces).
The armour itself follows the traditional build up style of most Myth cloths, without to many fancy fantasies to assemble, and comes in a nicely silver and gold detailed colour, and carries a little harp for the character to play his Stringer Nocturne on. No loose thread to hold beneath the characters teeth though ;)
Perhaps the one grieve is the hand to hold the harp, the fingers aren`t spaced enough or not bendy enough without applying the `hair dryer` technique* to be able to nicely hold it.

All in all, I`m rating it a 3.5 out of 5, not to much jiffy jaffy with this model, but a nice, simple and elegant model to be placed in any collectors cupboard without having to doubt to much to buy it.

Ciao Ciao!

* Hair Dryer Technique: a wargamers simple solution to bendy soft plastics like gashapons, heroclix and mage knight for one. You warm the bendy part for 10 to 15 seconds till it gets a lot softer and bendier, hold the piece in the required position (aka, stretched) and submerge in cold water for 5 seconds. This will then immediatly set the platic again, now in the preferred postion.
For thick plastic, it might be needed that you repeat this a few times with intervals of about half a day, to see how far the plastic re-bends.

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