dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Transformers - More than Meets the Eye

These little jewels where partly unearthed a few weeks ago when I was PC less and doing some `Home Improvement` (without this assistance though...), and I found one of the boxes marked `Lego`... which contains everything but Lego in fact.

A couple of Microbots, including apparently 3 Decepticons (I always thought I only had Autobots, they must have snugged in somewhere 20 odd years ago) and inspired to do something with them, I ran of to the local toy store to snatch up some of the recent movie `bots. The cheap small scales ones, barely touching 5 euros a piece (Optimus, Sideswipe and Bumblebee).

I know there has to be a second and a third box somewhere in one of the two garages, but as my inventory skills have always been a `tat liberal` I should really open up each and every one of them and then rummage through the smaller boxes inside to find the motherlode.

The pride and joy I found is one of my Dinobots, Slag, though like with others I`m shopping eBay for some missing parts like weapons and especcially missiles, so as long as they haven`t popped up I`m staying with the `battle ready` versions.

Waaaaaiiittt... what do you mean, Battle Ready???? You can`t intend to...

YES! I do! The microbots are suitable for use in 28mm, and the dinobot can be a `huge robot` in the Where Heroes Dare! ruleset for one. I don`t know what or how yet, but the idea is broiling in the back of my mind, a force of Autobots tackling on the Treasure of Montezuma or the likes teeheeheeeee.

Now only to find those other toys, I know there is some MASK in there (hmmm, they are about 28mm tall as well... and have vehicles...), Starcom`s shuttle should be in there as well, and a lot more robots with the rest of the Dinobots, Jazz, Warpath and some more I can`t remember the name off....

I`ll keep you posted!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. No worries Lurks, you get her back in almost identical state. She just volunteered to fill in `cause Carmen was unavailable and Megan couldn`t remember what she had to do today.

  2. Ok, is this the next project for when we're done with Gundamiun? If so, I better start searching for old transformers.

  3. LOL no, like I said over at TSA, this was a spoof to panic Andy a little. I dug them up in the great clean up, they`re going to be searching a foster home soonish