woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Insanity, a blessing

So... what is going on in those dusty offices of the Society? Wat is all that not pure wargaming stuff that pops up recently on what is in essence a blog founded to ramble on about the adventures of a band of 'italian' explorers in Pulp settings?

Nothing special!

The fact is, we play to few Pulp games in recent times to run a fuly dedicated blog about it, and for me, wargaming encompasses more aspects then just the painting and shoving around of little toy soldiers. I don't mean that the hobby is too small, I just mean to say that, well, for me personally al of my hobby is related to each other in some way.

Anime, videogames... they ARE all welcome sources of inspiration for a hobbyist, and being a bit of a person that lives his hobby (heck, some say I just live that way) in very extreme al or nothing phases. Maybe a slight touch of schizophrenia?

Expect the comming months to see a fresh increase though in wargaming, the traditional 'post Salute burn out' has passed, the anticipation for Crisis is starting to pop up, so the brushes are slowly but surely taken up again at full production speed. Those armies aren't going to paint themselves after all.

Starting soonish, I'm going to start making posts of two upcomming projects at TSA, the first being the project Gundanium! which will debut at the smaller wargame shows in 2012 as a 'side demo' to the normal bigger TSA game.
The second one is a new attempt at running a 6mm Future War Commander campaign, kind of a follow up, though smaller scaled, of the previous one. In this, the aliens are launching a last ditch all or nothing effort to capture Earth, after the failed assault from last time. Smaller in scale, stricter in rules to lend more towards a 'real' wargames campaign then a 'cater for all occassional commers' format with a 'do as you want' system... cause that fell through big time on the last effort.

So what else can we be expecting then?

Well; depending on what scrolls are getting uncovered in the obscure labyrinths of the mind, you can expect the remaining three installations of the Regiment of a Month and it's conclusion of course. There will be the Myth cloth reviews as well as the 'cool things' unearthed in the archeological expeditions of the Society, random ramblings about the hobby and picture reports of the shows I go to. But there will also be some coverage of the other aspects of my hobbies, like anime and playstation material

all in an effort to raise the quality of the blog a little. Not that it is ever going to be a must be place for wargamers, but if I can create just even one post of intrest to one person (apart from myself LOL) then in a way I have succeeded.

Other things to pop up a tat more aremy efforts into the arty farty thingies, some small pieces of fiction I have written somewhere about something before it dies off from not being touched (no you perverts, not THAT thing!!!!!) and some reports on a step I have finally dare to take... to enter the world of cosplaying!

So welcome to the al new, all fresh, still the same Society!

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