dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

To become a Centennial Gamer

I read this funny little article of videogamers and their achievement of reaching 100 games completed, or at least played for a lengthy period of time, so not just juggling it in a console, take a look, and go off again.

So I started digging in my memory banks, and I can remember playing 74 games so far, on 6 different `platforms`, starting with the Atari 2600 (who was even born back then? I wasn`t when it was released) over the original Gameboy, through PC`s and to the current PS3 console.

The goal? To reach 100 before the 31st of december.

I got a job to handle as well, no family to support though, so that`ll mean that every minute of free time is going to get invested in this freak-a-zoid project. The platforms I selected for the goal are my Playstation 3, Free to Play MMO`s on my PC (got a shortlist of 18 from OnRPG.com to download) and the ultimate classic for busdrives to work and lunchbreaks at work: the 8-bit grey Nintendo Game Boy which I will (re)confiscate from my 10 and 8 year old nephews. They both have DS`s now anyways, and prolly forgotten the old piece I gave them ages ago.

I`ll be putting a list of `games done` down at a later time, after I scoured the net for some pictures. Screenshots where like so high tech back in 1984 ;)

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