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Transformers - Arcee polystone statuette

A revent arrival into my `closet of fictional babes` collection ( * prepares for a collection of lame love life jokes * ), the pink female autobot, Arcee.

Arcee would appear in the U. K. Marvel comic issue #234, "Prime's Rib!" This story is set in the near future, 1995, where Optimus Prime, Jazz and Hot Rod introduce the latest Autobot, Arcee, to the human feminists. She was met with displeasure by the humans, being called a token female and disliked for her pink color. They were then attacked by Shockwave, Fangry, Horri-Bull and Squeezeplay, who thought the Autobot would be unveiling a new weapon. The Autobots fought off the Decepticons, who escaped, but nothing seemed to please the human feminists.

The U. K. comic also set a number of stories directly after the events of the movie. The Space Pirates arc saw Arcee skip guard duty at Autobot City; her dereliction of duty led directly the fall of Autobot City to the Quintessons. She was then used as bait in a Quintesson trap to claim the Creation Matrix from Rodimus Prime. Arcee achieved some measure of redemption by aiding Rodimus Prime, now reduced in power to his Hot Rod form, in his bid to reclaim Autobot City by activating Metroplex.

Arcee later joined Rodimus Prime's time-travelling party, helping in the fight against Galvatron during the Time Wars. Arcee and the other future Autobots returned find to their own time-stream changed to a different, darker future, where Galvatron was alive and ruling most of Cybertron.

Arcee appeared among the Autobots under the command of Rodimus Prime in the alternate future story "Aspects of Evil 2" from Marvel U. K. Transformers #224. In this story Rodimus Prime remembered how Galvatron, Crankcase, Ruckus and Windsweeper killed Blurr and then attacked Rodimus Prime, Kup, Arcee and the Battle Patrol. Enraged, Rodimus nearly killed Galvatron, but to keep the Matrix from being contaminated by hatred he relented. Arcee appeared in Marvel U. K. Transformers #251 "The Void!" where she was among the Autobot crew of a ship commanded by Rodimus Prime which was retreating from Cybertron.

Arcee was initially set to be in the 2007 Transformers film, but due to negative fan reaction and to the fact that there was not enough time in the movie to explain the presence of a "female" in a robotic race,[5] she was dropped from the script and replaced with Ironhide. Before she was dropped, her alternate mode was slated to be a Buell Firebolt motorcycle; concept art by Ben Procter can be seen on his website.[6][7] Even though Arcee was not in the movie, a motorcycle was used by Captain William Lennox to attack Blackout (although the bike was an Aprilia RSV 1000 R rather than a Buell). Arcee was also initially set to battle Blackout in the movie. According to the Hasbro 2007 movie toy's tech spec for Arcee, she received combat training from Ironhide.

According to the biography printed in the collected Reign of Starscream books, Arcee was once a member of the Autobot science team who had to adapt her skills when the war broke out.

According to the biography for the Revenge of the Fallen Chromia toy, she is a sister to Chromia and Elita One. However there is some confusion as to whether the movie portrayed Arcee and her sister units to be of a single hive mind. According to the biography for her 2009 movie toy she commands her team. Writer Roberto Orci has stated he intended the three motorcycles to be a single mind, but Michael Bay portrayed them as individuals just like the Hasbro bios. According to Hasbro, Arcee is only about 7 feet tall but on the scale for the first film it was stated she was 9 feet tall.

The statuette itself is about 20cm tall, and was produced by Pallisades Toys for the 1984 - 2004 20th birthday of the Transformers franchise, and was a limited edition of 2000 copies. Mine has the number #1491.

The sculpt itself is great, showing her in a seductive, relaxed pose sitting on a piece of metal scrap. The base of the model is the Autobot logo, a nice though that the others in this series share (Grimlock, Soundwave,...).
Do mind it is the `original` Arcee portrayed from the cartoons and comics, not the motorcycle version from the Bay flick. She has her `Earth appearance` as how she looked when she transformed into a pink, futuristic looking car, not the latter more `squre` back exhausts as she was later portrayed and changed into some sort of hovercar.

Some nice details about the model:

The thong like hip armour

Lipstick... it does add that nice extra `female robot` accent

It`s a really lovely thing, this statuette, which I found on eBay - Canada for about 62 dollars excluding shipping and customs costs, and now proudly stands amongst my anime / cartoon / videogame figures collection.

For closing, a very little know fact: did you know Arcee was the first Transformer to make it into Playbot magazine?

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