zondag 7 augustus 2011

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review #11: Aiakos of Garuda

Let me start this one off with a pop quiz question:

What is the colour of a Surplice?

In the various sources, so far we see a lot of different colourings: the manga looks a bit flat black and greyish; the Hades chapter goes to a shiny black with a metallic purple; the Lost Canvas tends to lean to a plain black colouring while the model itself co,es in a sort of dark metallic, smoked grey...

Now, apart from that, let me state one thing clearly. I don't like the 108 evil stars or Specters even a tiny bit. I think them highly overrated, as they tend to die in whole troops together even though to be rumoured to be all scary and dangerous. Aiolia whacks a dozen with a single attack... and that was peanuts to the attack Shaka pulled on them.

They are no match for the Gold Saints; who in the Hades Sanctuary arc and the Lost Canvas storyline aren't pulling their punches anymore. I think we can safely say Seiya and his companions got off easy in their assault on the Sanctuary.

The Three Judges, or the supreme warriors of Hades don't rock my boat either; but being a collector, it is only logically to collect them in the end, and when one gets in promotion prizings, I buy it... like the Garuda.

Of the three judges, I kinda like this one the most though. He has this cool attack where he nonchalantly draws a cross on the ground where his victim will come crashing down, and I posed him as such with the rising hand for the Garuda Flap atack. A Garuda being btw a mythological half humn, half eagle like creature.

The cloth is a very bulky and heavy set, with all kinds of spikey bits and horney extensions. It assembles smoothly, and the wings that attach to the back of the chestpiece make it look even more big and fearsome.

It follows the regular assembling of robe in 4 parts that gets secured in place by the metal chestpiece; the legs are extendable to compensate for the 'mannequin' being longer legged then the haunched pose the object is in, and the claws on the feet are casted on the toetips instad of being plastic click on pieces.

The model comes with two hairpieces that fit under the helmet, one which shows his eyes, and one that errm, well, doesn't.

All in all, it isn't a bad model, but just not my cup of tea. Had it not been cheap to order, this is one of those blokes standing in the back of the queu of the shopiing list, but in an effort to rate it objectively, let's give it somewhere beween 2.5 and 3 on a 5 point scale. That's the benefit of getting to review things from your own private collection, I can say when I like a model or when it's crap after all... and I don't like this bloke much.

ciao ciao

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