vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

Still Down

Just a short update on the absence of web-ness... live from the 'back up' laptop

I haven't forgotten regiment of the month, in fact the regiment stands painted in my cbinet for 2 weeks now and the pictures are on my PC... which still is at the store for a repair of the network card and some upgrades (more hard disks, a nezer 3d card etc etc etc)... for 10 days straight now.

They also have received explicit instructions not to format the bugger ;)

I hope that she'll be back after the weekend, as I got a lot of things to upload apart from regiment round 3, like more Cloths I received, a heap of toys I digged up and the game that finally started me to get playing on my Paystation 3, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3.

Hopefully, 'till soonish!

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