zaterdag 1 september 2012

End of Summer and start of new goals

So summer holiday season has ended, and to be honest, I have been slacking like hell.  I managed to paint a measly dozen of models over the past two months, mostly for need in games I was going to play or are about to play.

Now this also means some changes and late goals for the year are switching. 

First of all, that means the planned 500 points of Hobgoblins.  I didn`t manage to get them done for the 500 pts tournament beginning of july, so I went to battle there with the Ravening Hordes list, and even with that ancient two piece of paper managed to come up third, but now the next TSA tournament has been unveiled.  Probably in november there is going to be a `Duo Tournament` in which each player has a 1000 points at his disposal, so I`m pulling up the `to paint` number from 500 to 1000 and see if I can get it all done before then.

Second is the Journeyman League comming up, in which I will be fielding the Circle Orboros for the comming 6 months.  Players start with the basic Battle Box of their faction, and the force is planned to grow to an army of 35 points, each time in steps of 10 points.  I`ll be adding a goal of xx / 35 to my sidebar for this progress, and as january sees the start of the large forces that means the 35 points need to be done by december.

This will probably mean neither the Gundam nor the Heroclix goals will be achieved...

Game wise it has been rather calm as well.  Apart from the tournament, I managed to play 2 games of Mordheim and one casual Magic event this holiday period, and that is about it.  A combination of not really knowing what to play combined with the move of the girlfriend and an `intresting` work period resulted in not much club attendances lately, but we`re starting to go more again.

The Playstation challenge is now as good as officially lost.  Blame Guild Wars 2 for that...  I`m Mesmerizing my way through Tyria once again.

League wise the Blood Bowl championship seems to have died down, due to the commissar getting a girlfriend and as such not attending often anymore, so it seems I`ll be ending on a clean 5th spot, right outside the play offs that probably will never be, not to shabby for a vertically challenged team unable to pick up a ball.  I will end the League with the records for `Most Caised Casualties in One Game` and `Players Send Off` though, and didn`t had a single casualty over the whole season.  Yay me.

In the Brush Slave League I`m currently around 5th place, with two normal rounds and one theme round to go.  This month, which started today, I`m fielding the first models of an oriental themed Chaos Dwarf warrior unit, next month will be the obligatory Gundam entry.  No idea what the bonus round is, so not much to reveal already about that...

And I`m finally drudging through my own card collections and seeing the end of the stacks I need sorting, be sure to check the House of Cards header of this blog if your looking for cards of the odd game!

See y`all around soonish!

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